Compliance Services

ABZ Inc. has a comprehensive team of compliance professionals that have worked in the utility, generation, manufacturing, and construction businesses. In today’s environment, compliance affects every regulated industry. We have focused on the NERC compliance regulations that include Operations & Planning as well as cybersecurity requirements. We have worked on regulatory, licensing and environmental in the power industry, including federal and state regulations. We have years of experience working with compliance implementations and independent assessments.

NERC Compliance Consulting Services

ABZ Inc. offers NERC compliance consulting to all the NERC registered entities. Our team has worked in all regions within North America. We have provided site assessments, program and procedure development, compliance software implementations and audit support. ABZ Inc. has professionals that work in the field with Operations and Planning subject matter experts for all of the NERC O&P – 693 standards. We also have a group of experienced cybersecurity experts that works with customers that need support handling the requirements of the Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) standards. Contact us to discuss ABZ’s NERC Compliance Consulting Services and how we can support your company.

Regulatory and Compliance Program Improvement Assessments

ABZ Inc. offers the energy industry Regulatory and Compliance Program Improvement Assessments. Our experienced team of subject matter experts has worked in various regulatory and compliance sectors within North America. We understand the challenges facing companies with the complex and ever-changing regulatory protocols. Our expertise are process and continuous improvement, operational excellence, performance effectiveness and metrics, reliability regulation, asset and risk management, and leadership mentoring for executives, stakeholders, and senior management. We look forward to speaking with you about how ABZ’s Regulatory and Compliance Program Improvement Assessments Services can serve your company’s compliance program needs.

NERC Managed Services

ABZ Inc. offers a unique NERC Managed Service to the smaller registered entities, such as Generation Owners (GO) and Generation Operators (GOP) that do not have the full-time compliance and management staff needed to maintain and manage the ever-changing NERC Compliance standards, requirements and implementation plans. ABZ Inc. develops a comprehensive managed services plan for each individual customer to meet their compliance needs. Contact us to discuss the ABZ’s NERC Managed Services and how we can support your company.

Regulatory, Licensing and Environmental Consulting

ABZ Inc. has experienced personnel that has many years of regulatory and licensing experience. Our team understands the regulatory processes and works with federal, state agencies and stakeholders to ensure our customers understand, met and maintain compliance. The ABZ Inc. expertise is one of the reasons the U.S. government, state regulators, technology providers and licensees request our services. Contact us to discuss the ABZ’s Regulatory, Licensing and Environmental Consulting Services and how we can support your company.