About Us

Founded In 1986

ABZ, Incorporated was founded in 1986 and is comprised of a multi-talented, seasoned staff of industry professionals. We leverage global experience to support specific and often complex needs for our clients.

Meet Our Team


Nicholas J. Capik, Partner and Managing Director

Mr. Capik has more than thirty years of engineering and consulting experience, specializing in solving complex problems in engineering design, plant operation, facility management, financial analysis, and contract disputes. He has designed and evaluated complex engineering systems, modeled future liabilities and assessed risks, supported due diligence for acquisitions, and supported litigation for a variety of commercial and government clients.

Prior to joining ABZ, Inc., Mr. Capik was in the U.S. Navy, responsible for design and operation of fluid handling systems and training on heat transfer and fluid flow. Before becoming a partner in the company, Mr. Capik was a consultant for ABZ, Inc. for over twenty-five years. Mr. Capik is a graduate of Pennsylvania State University.


Philip O. Moor, Partner and Managing Director

Mr. Moor has over thirty-five years of experience and has been involved with development, design, engineering, construction, operation, and decommissioning of various nuclear and conventional facilities. Mr. Moor is active in industry programs that are preparing for new reactor nuclear facilities and has experience in all nuclear technologies. Mr. Moor is experienced with North American technical and environmental regulations as well as international conventions and requirements.

Mr. Moor has been accountable for managed completion of engineering, operational support, and decommissioning projects for large and small facilities, including Effluent Limitations Guidelines (ELG) and Coal Combustion Residuals (CCR) compliance for coal facilities. With nearly twenty years in responsible positions for utility owners, Mr. Moor has a thorough understanding of regulatory and policy issues balanced with extensive EPC experience for constructability/maintainability. Mr. Moor has successfully worked at High Bridge Associates, Tetra Tech, Burns and Roe, ABB Equity Ventures, Polestar, GPU, General Physics, BOC Group and Jersey Central Power and Light. Mr. Moor holds an M.S. degree in Engineering Management from the New Jersey Institute of Technology and a B.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering from Fairleigh Dickinson University and is a Registered Professional Engineer.


David M. Tondi, Partner and Managing Director

Mr. Tondi has more than thirty years of engineering and consulting experience, specializing in organizational performance assessment, process improvement and evaluation of technical elements associated with contract disputes. He has performed assessments, designed improvement plans, supported mergers and acquisitions, and supported litigation for a variety of commercial and government clients.

Prior to joining ABZ, Inc., Mr. Tondi was the Vice President of Operations for VPA Corporation, a management consulting firm. Mr. Tondi is a graduate of the University of Delaware and started his career as an engineer with the Utility Services Division of Science Applications International Corporation.


Michael A. Zurlo, Partner and Managing Director

Mr. Zurlo has over thirty-five years’ experience in design, engineering, manufacturing, supply chain management, fabrication, construction, test and start-up, operations, dry fuel storage and decommissioning in the commercial power industry. He also has several years’ experience supporting the biotechnical industry for plant construction and modification projects. Areas of responsibility included, project management, engineering, licensing and regulatory affairs, quality assurance/control, auditing and root cause analysis.

Mr. Zurlo was accountable for business development, mergers and acquisitions and operations of various projects both domestic and overseas. Prior to becoming a partner at ABZ, Inc., Mr. Zurlo was Principal Product Engineer at Westinghouse Electric Company. Mr. Zurlo attended the University of New Hampshire for Electrical Engineering.


Wendy Bedell, Executive Assistant

Ms. Bedell provides assistance to all members of the Executive Team with varying administrative functions. She is the main point of contact for both internal and external customers and clients. Prior to ABZ, she spent twenty-three years in the banking industry. Eighteen of those years were spent developing and managing the processes for the construction loan function of the bank. During those years, she managed the disbursement of loan proceeds for the construction of projects including residential homes to large commercial buildings.

She was responsible for inter-departmental communications with all other banking functions, performed meticulous contract review and file documentation and tracking. She worked with in-house legal counsel and external attorneys involving various matters associated with construction such as quality issues, lien rights and contract disputes. Ms. Bedell graduated with a B.S. degree in Business Administration from the University of Maine.


Warren K. Brewer, Executive Consultant

Mr. Brewer has more than forty years of engineering and consulting experience, specializing in engineering design and analysis, solution of problems in plant operation and facility management, cost and financial analyses, and expert witness testimony on technical matters in contract disputes. He has designed and analyzed complex engineering systems and structures, assessed technical and financial risks including possible future liabilities, supported due diligence for acquisitions and supported both commercial and government clients in litigation as a technical advisor and testifying expert.

Mr. Brewer was one of the founding members of ABZ, Inc. and has been consulting for ABZ, Inc. for over thirty years. Prior to establishing ABZ, Inc., Mr. Brewer was a consultant for Pickard, Lowe and Garrick, and prior to that Mr. Brewer held positions responsible for design of nuclear reactors, systems and structures for nuclear submarines both as an officer in the U.S. Navy and later as a civilian employee in a joint DOD/DOE organization. Mr. Brewer is a graduate of Louisiana Tech University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

About Our Clients

ABZ, Inc. clients include the Fortune 500, utilities, technology providers, designers, manufacturing, state and federal government agencies. ABZ, Inc. consults with industry decision makers, key stakeholders and senior staff to improve operations, improve regulatory compliance, and reduce risk. Specific areas of expertise include analysis of safety and operating practices, management audits, evaluation of specific engineering and technical issues, due diligence, gap analysis, root cause evaluation, cost analysis, planning, scheduling and organizational assessments.