Decommissioning Services

Management Oversight, Assessments, Engineering, Regulatory Affairs, Quality, Planning, Scheduling and Cost Analysis. Our multi-disciplinary teams have the engineering and project management depth to provide a range of decommissioning and site restoration services.

Commercial Decommissioning Services

With many facilities reaching their decommissioning phase, ABZ, Inc. recognized that the technical support needs are different from other industries. From that realization, ABZ, Inc. gathered together a technical staff to address the specific needs of these facilities. ABZ’s staff is a highly specialized team of industry innovators who has set standards for technical support in the areas of Decommissioning, Environmental and associated Technical Services to take a project from initial planning through execution to site repurposing and asset management.

Nuclear Power Plant Decommissioning Services

ABZ, has specialized expertise in used fuel management, nuclear power plant decommissioning planning and implementation-related activities. ABZ, Inc. (ABZ) has extensive nuclear decommissioning project planning, execution and oversight experience. Providing consulting services to Federal and state government entities, ABZ is the foremost leader in commercial nuclear power plant decommissioning. Our staff and principals have been involved in the development and growth of decommissioning approaches, financial structures, and technology over the past 30 years.