What We Do

ABZ, Incorporated provides project controls, advanced reactor consultancy services, litigation support, infrastructure and redevelopment consulting, decommissioning services, and compliance services to clients in government, utilities and infrastructure companies. Since its founding, ABZ has provided consulting to improve costs, safety and efficiency to its’ global client network.

Project Controls

ABZ, Inc. provides our clients with a solid foundation to develop full project and management controls. These project controls include; estimating, an integrated schedule, procurement, financial and accounting, and cost controls. ABZ has the professional expertise to provide our clients with all of these functional area services. To find out more, visit our Project Controls Page.

Advanced Reactor Consultancy Services

ABZ, Inc. provides experienced project management talent that can support and advise advanced reactor technology provider and developer staff, during all phases of business development, financing, engineering, licensing, procurement, construction, and operations. To find out more, visit our Advanced Reactor Consultancy Services Page.

Litigation Support

ABZ Inc. supports litigation, arbitration, and mediation processes from the initial claim through appeal. We have years of both technical and litigation experience coupled with a hands-on approach to efficiently deliver independent and accurate assessments. To find out more, visit our Litigation Support Page.

Infrastructure and Redevelopment Consulting

ABZ Inc. staff has provided our clients unparalleled expertise in project scoping, development, operations, modifications, decommissioning and repurposing retired power plants. We put our experience to work in solving problems with tailored consulting that includes cost-effective solutions to meet our clients specific needs. This is what makes ABZ the ideal partner to address challenges facing companies who are decommissioning infrastructure and developers. To find out more, visit our Infrastructure and Redevelopment Consulting Page.

Decommissioning Services

Management Oversight, Assessments, Engineering, Regulatory Affairs, Quality, Planning, Scheduling and Cost Analysis. Our multi-disciplinary teams have the engineering and project management depth to provide a range of decommissioning and site restoration services. To find out more, visit our Decommissioning Services Page.

Compliance Services

ABZ Inc. has a comprehensive team of compliance professionals that have worked in the utility, generation, manufacturing, and construction businesses. In today’s environment, compliance affects every regulated industry. We have focused on the NERC compliance regulations that include Operations & Planning as well as cybersecurity requirements. We have worked on regulatory, licensing and environmental in the power industry, including federal and state regulations. We have years of experience working with compliance implementations and independent assessments. To find out more, visit our Compliance Services Page.