Advanced Reactor Consultancy Services

ABZ, Inc. provides experienced project management talent that can support and advise advanced reactor technology provider and developer staff, during all phases of business development, financing, engineering, licensing, procurement, construction, and operations.

Advanced Reactor Consultancy Services

As an independent advocate, we believe your project can profit from ABZ assistance in project structuring, receiving advice from our subject matter experts and establishment of an integrated project team. The root cause of EPC or NSSS contractor cost increases can often be traced to the structure of the project organization. Our staff’s involvement in an NEI legacy nuclear build lessons learned study underscored the vital role of a contract structure that embodies an integrated team approach

Engaging advisory services can reduce a project’s overall capital and operation and maintenance costs. We are very familiar with the technology provider companies and know many of the industry professionals in the advanced reactor industry.

We know firsthand by lessons learned the pitfalls of the attempts to off load risk, as we have very recently been involved in support of litigation of several cases regarding a nuclear project in the United States that ultimately failed.

The expense of an advisory service is often easily counterbalanced by cost savings obtained through tight control of the schedule, scope management, change orders, and overall project controls. ABZ knows the attributes of successful project and can lead or assist in developing a project team that can successfully deliver a carbon-free generating asset.

As your advisor ABZ, can also identify design options that reduce project lifecycle costs. Developing a detailed project scope definition at the outset can keep a project on track, just as failure to properly develop one can lower a project’s odds of successful completion. By carefully defining the project size, location, technology selections, configuration, scope, interfaces, and schedule, when a project is still in the conceptual stage ABZ can help turn plans into reality.

Having ABZ on board early can make a difference that lasts throughout the life of a project, even after commissioning and start-up.

As scope is defined, ABZ can play a supporting but critical role in providing skill sets that are needed to complete an advanced reactor project.

We look forward to providing you additional information on the depth and breadth of our experience.