Litigation Support

ABZ, Inc. supports the litigation process from the initial claim through appeal. We have substantial experience working with highly complex and technology driven businesses, and can efficiently analyze complex technical concepts to facilitate understanding. Through our efforts, attorneys and management are able to effectively evaluate the strength of each case and make educated litigation decisions. Our professionals are adept at working with technical specialists and other experts to ensure a smooth and seamless interface throughout case preparation. Our subject matter experts can clearly explain complex technical issues to judges and juries.

Litigation Support Services

ABZ, Inc. provides technical analysis-related services to attorneys involved in litigation, arbitration, and mediation. Our professionals rely upon years of both technical and litigation experience coupled with a hands-on approach to efficiently deliver independent and accurate assessments. Our senior consultants are actively involved in creating the analyses and work product that can form the basis of expert opinions. This involvement provides our expert testifiers an unparalleled knowledge of the facts and documents to successfully provide opinions in court.

We provide substantial assistance during the discovery phase of litigation by defining important issues, identifying key witnesses, and requesting necessary documentation. Discovery services include:

• Preparing Requests for Production of Documents;
• Document review, management, and organization;
• Identifying potential witnesses for deposition or interview;
• Identifying key documents for use in depositions;
• Preparing and responding to Interrogatories and Requests for Admission;
• Developing deposition examinations for fact and expert witnesses; and
• Assisting counsel in depositions.

If a trial becomes necessary, we can create demonstrative exhibits and assist in developing testimony outlines for supporting fact witnesses and cross examination of opposing fact and expert witnesses. ABZ, Inc. provides highly experienced testifying professionals who have been previously accepted by Courts to provide expert testimony.

Case Support

ABZ evaluates and provides expert testimony for Federal, state and private industry clients in law suits, administrative hearings, and arbitrations.

ABZ assists the legal team with:

• Rapid Identification and Analysis of Key Technical Issues
• Preparation of Deposition and Trial Examinations for Technical Witnesses
• Document Review, with a Focus on Identifying and Developing Technical Issues and Exhibits Critical to the Case
• Obtaining Critical Evidence During the Discovery Process

ABZ also provides expert testimony in support of litigation issues. Our team of experts offers assistance with:

• Expert Testimony on Technical Issues to Support the Fact Finder’s Understanding of Complex Issues.
• Substantial Court Testimony Experience Including Regulatory Agencies and Arbitration Panels.